As a professional writer with more than 30 years of experience, I provide science communications and digital services to organizations in the agriculture and environmental sectors that are committed to engaging general audiences through online communications.

Following an apprenticeship as a horticulturist in Ontario in the late 1980s and close to a decade working in the trade, I went on to study print journalism at Sheridan College, interning as an agriculture journalist for The Grower, a Guelph, Ontario-based publication devoted to the commercial fruit and vegetable industry in Ontario. I would later earn a Bachelor of Arts in English from York University while working full-time as the General Manager and Senior Project Manager at a computer application development company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

Writing you can count on

Many of the skills I picked up as a science journalist and project manager directly benefit my communications clients:

  • I produce digital content on time and on budget
  • I have extensive experience researching scientific and agricultural topics
  • I enjoy working as part of a team
  • I have interviewed hundreds of experts and enthusiasts
  • I am fluent in computer technology and adaptable to diverse digital platforms
  • I have a proven track record of translating complex scientific information for a general audience

My articles on agriculture, gardening, nature, and the environment have appeared in BC Living, Canadian Gardening, Canadian Living, Cottage Magazine, Creston Valley Advance, Harrowsmith, Kootenay Life East, Kootenay Living Magazine, Route 3, Small Farm Canada, The Grower, and many others.


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